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This creature of the Dark Side has little known history amongst the Galaxy.  He often appears in situations of great worth to history, but seems to offer little actual role in events.  Perhaps the sly adept is but a pawn of a greater scheme, or perhaps all are pawns in his own.

He is known to appear skeletal in his visage, and the cyber-bionic eyes that set solidly in his head are a match for the one Jedi Knight named Aden Lothiar.

Otherwise, the comparison ends.  Darth Grimm bears no other resemblance.  His face is tattered, and his smell is rank - like flesh that had been wound beneath a bandage for far too long.

The Dark Side alone seems to keep his organs functioning and life flowing through an otherwise frail body.  Grimm is a foe of worth in both combat - for years of experience and a Soul Gem sometimes give him ability of a sort.

The feat of feasting upon a soul requires strength though, but the risk is worth it.  For a short time, the Sith can equal a Jedi Knight.  Knowledge though, is his real skill.

Somehow, Grimm has vast experience with very ancient occult arts of the Old Sith - as well as knowledge of some forgotten Jedi arts.  Perhaps he has already been ressurrected once.   It is also known that Grimm; like any Sith in his condition - seeks a way to transfer his essence into another host.

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